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Imperator - Development Diary - 7th October 2019 开发日志 部队增援与粮食

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Imperator - Development Diary - 7th October 2019Johan, EVP Creative Direction
Hello everyone and welcome back to another Development Diary for Imperator Rome. It is now almost two weeks since we released the Cicero update, and we are now starting to be able to talk about what will come in the Livy update which is planned for later this year.大家吼啊,欢迎回到帝皇:罗马的又一篇开发日志。自从我们发布西塞罗Cicero更新以来几乎已经过去两周了,而我们现在也能开始谈谈计划于今年晚些时候发布的李维Livy更新中将会有什么内容了。
Let's start by digging deep into a mechanic that has not seen much change in the last 15 years of PDS gamnes.让我们从深挖一项机制开始吧,这项机制在过去15年PDS开发的游戏中都没有经历太大的改变。
The reinforcement mechanic of Imperator is basically the same as EU3 has, which every game since then, from Victoria 2 to HoI4, have used. You lose soldiers to combat and attrition, and slowly recover them from your manpower pool, with a speed that depends on multiple factors.帝皇:罗马的部队增援机制基本上与EU3的机制是相同的,并且自EU3起的每一个游戏,从VIC2到HOI4,都在用这个机制。你在战斗和损耗中失去士兵,并且慢慢地从你的人力池中补员恢复,而速度则取决于多个因素。
In the Livy update, this all changes.在李维Livy更新中,这会完全改变。
Armies will consume food, and they will be able to carry food with them.

Elephants will not require more food than they can carry, while Camels can carry more.

Different units have different food consumption values.

New Unit Type called Supply Train that can carry much more food, but are slow and abysmal in combat.
被称作补给车队Supply Train的新单位类型能携带多得多的粮食,但速度非常慢,在战斗中表现极差。

Armies stock up on food supply in their own territory, or in territory where they have taken control of the provincial capital.

Armies no longer lose soldiers to normal attrition.

Attrition now drains the food supply of an army, with high attrition increasing this.

Armies without food loses about 5% of its strength each month.

Your armies can ONLY reinforce when they are not taking attrition.
This gives the following benefits to the game experience.这会给游戏体验带来以下好处:
AI is better at handling this situation with regards to manpower.

You will actually be able to lose sieges, as you can run out of food, and lose enough troops.

A deeper and more immersive warfare.

You will have more control over your manpower.
One thing that fans of the Crusader Kings series recognise and have been requesting since they first saw the game, is the ability to name your rulers children. In Livy, the popup for newborns for your ruler will allow you to edit the name to anything you want.十字军之王系列的粉丝可能会认出来的,以及他们最初看到这个游戏时就开始要求的事情,就是能够给你统治者子女命名的能力。在李维Livy更新中,你统治者新生子女的弹窗将允许你随性编辑子女的名字。
Another Quality of Life option which have been requested, that is also being added to Livy is the possibility for you to see what trait your ruler would gain or lose from an event, and be able to to tooltip the icon to show the impact.另一个游戏基础质量改进的内容也是一直被要求的,这也被加入了李维Livy更新中,这就是能够看到一个事件将会给你的统治者增加或减去何种特质的能力,并且会在提示栏中显示出图标,来展示事件的影响。
Stay tuned for next week, when my padawan Peter Nicholson will explain what the new button in the top screen is for.下周请继续关注,我的徒弟Peter Nicholson将会解释屏幕顶端的新按钮是拿来干嘛用的。


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