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英白拉多:罗马开发日志 | 3/18 阿基米德更新将于3月30日发售!2020年路线图!

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牧游社 牧有汉化翻译
Imperator Dev Diary - 18/03/2020 - Archimedes Update Releases March 31! - Updated Roadmap 2020Arheo, Game Director, Imperator: Rome
Greetings all! Things have been a little up in the air lately, but I hope you're all managing to stay safe and secure.大家吼!最近的局势可真是风云变幻啊,但我还是希望你们都能够保持健康平安。
In today's DD, I hope to give you all a little something to look forward to, as well as a round-up of some more minor additions coming to both the free update and content pack alike.在今天的开发日志中,我会给大家画个小饼,让各位可以稍微期待期待,同时我还会综述一下在这次的免费更新及内容包中,我们为游戏做的那些细微的增补。
Without further ado, however, it is my pleasure to announce that the Archimedes update and the Magna Graecia content pack will be available for your delectation on the 31st March.言归正传,我很荣幸能在这里宣布,阿基米德Archimedes更新和大希腊Magna Graecia内容包将在3月31日推出,希望大家能玩得开心。
As you might be aware by now, the Archimedes update will be free for all users, and contains an entire overhaul of the religion and omen mechanics, deities, sacred treasures, new events, additional content, and a dizzying array of bugfixes and balance tweaks.诸位应该知道,阿基米德Archimedes更新是对所有玩家都免费的,更新包含了对宗教及神谕机制的彻底重做,以及神祇Deities、圣物Sacred Treasures、新事件、额外内容和一连串的修补与平衡性改动。
The Magna Graecia content pack, priced at $7.99 / £5.79 /

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而大希腊Magna Graecia内容包则会包含:专门为斯巴达、雅典及叙拉古定制的使命树和内容;一系列希腊主题的珍宝;3首新歌;新的神化Apotheosis系统,用于将先前的(甚至是当前的!)统治者奉为神明;全新并拥有独特2D画像的希腊神祇;以及特定希腊国家的新3D模型(你可以在下文读到更多有关此方面的内容!)。
In addition to this news, I'd like to share an updated roadmap graphic with you. We'll begin to reveal more details about future plans as we get a bit closer, but this will serve to indicate my development intentions going forwards.除此之外,我还想给大家展示一下更新后的游戏开发路线图,这有助于我说明游戏往后的开发意向,但对于未来计划的具体细节我们则准备留到以后再透露。庚子年内容安排
And now for those of you that have patiently awaited additional gameplay content - here are some minor changes that we're making to each of the focus tags in Magna Graecia.对于那些还在耐心地等着看游戏内容更新的玩家——现在我会介绍几个大希腊Magna Graecia内容包对各个焦点国家的细微改动。
It is my firm belief that the identity of a playthrough in I:R is composed of that feeling of 'uniqueness' that exists as a combination of the many small aspects that make up your nation. As we develop I:R, these small but individual mechanical changes to tags, are an incredibly important part of differentiating between tag A and tag B; in combination with interactions and features enabled by other defining aspects of a nation - religion, culture, and more.我始终认为,在帝皇:罗马中,一局游戏的神髓来自于一种所谓“独特性”的感受,而“独特性”则是无数细节杂糅而成的产物,源于玩家所统治的国家的方方面面。在开发帝皇:罗马时,我们对各个国家所做的细微但又互不相同的机制改动,同时再加上由各个国家的决定性特征——比如说宗教、文化和其他等等——所导致的互动和特性内容,都是在游戏中区分国与国之间不可或缺的重要内容。
As Athens, you'll be able to revive the ancient punishment of Ostracization; a character interaction that acts much like banishment, but is usable without imprisoning the target. You'll incur a hefty tyranny cost, as well as the ire of the target's family, and you'll have no control over where the target flees, or what they get up to when they're there..作为雅典,玩家可以重启古代的陶片放逐Ostracization作为惩罚;这种角色互动内容的运行机制很像放逐Banishment,不过却不需要法玩家先囚禁目标人物也可以使用。使用陶片放逐会带来巨量的暴政度增长,同时也会激怒目标人物的家族。玩家不能决定被陶片放逐的人物的流亡目的地,亦不能控制该对象被放逐之后的行为。
The power of being able to deal with unruly characters is offset by a highly variable tyranny cost, and the increasing reluctance of the Ekklesia to support your actions at high tyranny.陶片放逐制度给予了玩家处理不臣角色的能力,但与权力对应的代价则是高度不定量的暴政度增长,以及高暴政度下公民大会会更加不情愿支持你的行为。陶片放逐
As Sparta, a tall, military playstyle can be enriched by two new Province Investments, which replace Provincial Procurators and Mystery Cults for your nation.作为斯巴达,通过两种全新的省份投资(取代了之前的省份检察官Provincial Procurators和神秘教团Mystery Cults),玩家可以深化其本就种田精铺且高度军事化的玩法。解放奴隶
The changes to these investments open up opportunities for some highly optimized core Provinces, in combination with the Spartan mission trees.结合起斯巴达的使命树,改动过的投资选项为充分优化核心省份提供了机会。
The unique mechanic for Syracuse plays off a desire to retain a focus on the famous City States of geographical Magna Graecia, as well as draw on the famous and ruthless nature of Agathocles' past.叙拉古的独特机制体现了其想要把众人目光维系在自己——这座大希腊地区的有名城邦——身上的野心,并刻画了阿加托克利斯(译注:此人曾三次率领佣兵发动政变,并最终成功,上位为叙拉古城邦的僭主)过往举世闻名的残酷无情本性。创建佣兵领
You'll be able to release single cities as client states, having installed a puppet governor. These new subjects have a 50% bonus to their -base- manpower, ensuring that they punch above their weight in terms of supported army. For each of the subjects that you own, you'll receive a small reduction in Mercenary Maintenance cost, and if you double down on the mercenary life, you'll be able to utilise a new character interaction, which will let you elect a new ruling line from among your mercenary subjects.玩家可以将单个城市释放为附庸国并扶植傀儡总督。这些全新的属国会得到50%的基础人力增益,以确保他们能够凭借强化过的部队在和强于自身的国家交战时不落下风。属国每增加一个,玩家的雇佣兵维护费用就会稍稍减少。而如果玩家沿着雇佣兵这条路一直走到黑的话,就可以使用一种全新的角色互动,帮助玩家从诸佣兵属国中选拔一个新的统治王朝。
The above mechanics are linked to the Magna Graecia content pack, but coming in the Archimedes update, is the ability to favorite characters of your choosing:以上机制仅被包含在大希腊Magna Graecia内容包内,阿基米德Archimedes更新仅提供了特别关注选定角色的功能:
Favorite Characters will appear in the outliner, allowing you quick access to their character sheet or interactions. There is no restriction on who you can favorite - if you want to keep track of foreign rulers, that's perfectly fine. Characters that have been favorited will be removed from your outliner once deceased.特别关注的角色会出现在总览窗口中,利于玩家快速查找自己的角色清单并与他们互动。特别关注的角色没有限制,你也当然也可以通过这个功能来关注外国统治者的动向。被特别关注的角色会在其死亡时从玩家的总览窗口中移除。
A final thing we've done as part of the Archimedes update, is to add a series of startup events and choices for Diadochi nations, which make the starting situation a little more deterministic. I felt that the regional narrative in Greece was often lacking; as such, the 4th war of the Diadochi is much more likely to occur, with various rare outcomes still being possible.我们在阿基米德Archimedes更新中所做的最后一项增补,是为继业者诸国添加了一系列的开局事件和抉择,为开场局势增添一丝因果确定性。我觉得之前希腊地区的存在感还是太弱了,所以在更新之后,第四次继业者战争变得更容易发生了,当然各种魔幻历史发生的可能性还是有的。
Last, but not least, a promised look at some of the unit models that owners of Magna Graecia will receive:正如我所承诺的那样,最后让我们来看看购买了大希腊Magna Graecia内容包的玩家会获得的全新单位模型:
Included will be unique unit models for Sparta, Athens and Syracuse, and as an added bonus, a unit model for Cretan nations, featuring the feared Minotaur as a shield boss:以上包括了斯巴达、雅典以及叙拉古的独特单位模型,而下面则是作为额外奖励的克里特地区国家的单位模型,可以看到盾盘上绘制了可怖的米诺陶纹章。
That's all I've got for you this week, folks, but with our release imminent, you can expect a wrap-up on content and features next week, and a comprehensive set of patch notes shortly thereafter. Stay safe out there!伙计们,这就是这周我为你们准备的全部内容啦。随着即将到来的新内容包发售日,你们可以开始期待下周发布的关于新内容的总结综述,而完整的补丁日志则会在不久后放出。祝大家平安健康!

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