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英白拉多:罗马开发日志 | 2/17 叙拉古的使命组

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Imperator: Rome Dev Diary, 17th of February 2020Chopmist, Content Designer
This week we are taking a look at a unique set of missions for Syracusae; the dominant Greek power in Sicily known for its tyrants, resistance to siege, and, of course, the mathematician Archimedes.这周我们来看看叙拉古的专属使命组。作为雄踞西西里的希腊势力,叙拉古因其独有的僭主制、对围城的抗性以及数学家阿基米德而闻名于世。
The Magna Graecia content pack will include 4 mission trees for this city which centre on securing control of eastern Sicily, expelling the Carthaginians from the island, and dominating the Italiote colonies of southern Italy. A fourth tree will give you the chance to unseat the tyrant of Syracuse and re-establish a republic, but coups are not exactly certain affairs…大希腊Magna Graecia内容包为叙拉古准备了四条使命树,前三条分别着重于确保叙拉古对东西西里的统治,攘除岛上的迦太基人,以及掌控希腊人在南意大利的殖民地。而第四条使命树则给玩家提供了推翻僭主,再造共和的机会,只不过政变并不是总能成功的...(译注:遵从当前官方汉化翻译,Mission译作使命,Task相对应地译作任务。)
Let's take a look at these trees one by one and cover the opportunities they present to this historic city.让我们给大家逐一介绍并展示这四条使命树会给这座古城带来怎么样的新机遇吧。Leadership of the Siceliotes西塞里欧特之主
Syracuse has been scrapping with the other Siceliote cities for centuries, and the latest tyrant Agathokles has almost succeeded in securing total control of the east. Starting as a humble potter, he rose to power with the financial backing of his wife's father, eventually crowning himself king of all Sicily in emulation of the diadochi.叙拉古已经与西塞里欧特Siceliote诸城邦(译者注:即西西里地区的希腊殖民城邦)争斗了数个世纪,直到如今的僭主阿加托克利斯Agathokles成功控制了大部分东西西里岛的土地。阿加托克利斯曾是一个卑微的陶工,在受其岳父资助后逐渐得势,并最终效仿继业者诸王加冕自己为全西西里的国王。
Below we can see the tree, edited into one image.以下是这条使命树的截图,收进一张图里面了。
This tree focuses on dominating all of eastern Sicily and developing Syracuse itself after the strife, purges, and constant warfare suffered by the city. This is intended to be the first tree of a Syracuse play-through and to put them in good stead to go toe-to-toe with the Carthaginians.此任务树着重于对东西西里的控制,以及对饱受战争和政治斗争摧残的叙拉古城的建设。这应当是叙拉古玩家的起手任务树,可以为之后与迦太基人的角力打下良好基础。
Securing the rival city of Akragas will allow you to reap the benefits of its many temples (and their treasuries), there are opportunities for making eastern Sicily into a agricultural powerhouse through its famous grain, and the island of Ortygia's fortifications and Holy Site to the nymph Arethousa can be expanded.玩家可以将宿敌阿克拉加斯城Akragas的无数神殿(以及殿内的珍宝)化为己用;玩家也有机会将东西西里转变为农业大省,享益当地的丰饶物产;玩家更能扩建奥提伽岛上的堡垒和阿瑞图萨Arethousa女神(译注:希腊神话的泉水女神)的圣地。雇佣军:一位军事战略家
- 我们需要他的指挥能力。
- 让我们看看他有什么好点子……
- 一个卢卡尼亚人不配指导我们。
If the situation is dire, the famous Italic mercenaries who have made a living off centuries of warfare on the island can be approached, granting a significant but temporary reduction in the cost of their services.在紧急情况下,与岛上那些身经百战的意大利佣兵接洽,可以暂时以低价雇佣他们为叙拉古而战。Punic Rivalry与布匿人敌对
The Sicilian-Punic conflicts could easily be a game in their own right, spanning centuries of bitter struggles, always resulting in an uneasy stalemate. In recent history, the defeat of Dionysios I of Syracuse was close, but lead to Carthaginian domination of the Hellenic cities of Selinous, Herakleia Minoa, and Therma. Avenging these defeats is the first step to reconquering western Sicily.西西里与布匿的冲突极易成为一场豪赌,长达数百年之久的苦战,将双方都拉入了这个不稳定的僵局之中。一段时间以前,叙拉古的僭主大狄奥尼西奥斯Dionysios I为迦太基人所败,导致希腊城邦塞利纳斯、伊拉克利翁、和瑟玛陷入迦太基之手。为这次失败复仇是叙拉古人夺回西西西里的第一步。
After deposing Dionysios' son and restoring a republic, Timoleon only narrowly succeeded in defending Hellenic Sicily from a huge Carthaginian invasion, purportedly defeating their army despite almost impossible odds and slaughtering their native contingent - creating a general Punic reluctance to send their own sons to battle, instead relying mainly on mercenaries.在废黜大狄奥尼西奥斯之子兵恢复共和之后,叙拉古的领导人泰摩利昂Timoleon勉强地帮助西西里岛上的希腊城邦抵挡住了迦太基的一次大规模进攻。据称他在几乎不可能的情况下击败了对方的军队,并屠杀了其中的迦太基本土军团——这使得迦太基人普遍不再愿意将他们的孩子送上战场,转而依赖雇佣军代其作战。
Not long ago, Agathokles was repulsed after an initially successful invasion of Carthaginian Africa, and an uneasy peace has once again ceded western Sicily to Punic subjugation.不久之前,阿加托克利斯对非洲的迦太基领土发动了进攻,战事起初很顺利,但却以阿加托克利斯被击退告终。这之后为了与迦太基人讲和,叙拉古被迫再次割让了西西里西部的土地。
Expanding the Syracusan navy, fortifying strategic locations, and igniting revolt in the subdued Hellenic cities will help turn the tide against the Punics once and for all.扩张叙拉古海军、巩固战略要冲,以及煽动沦陷城邦内的叛乱可以帮助我们扭转战争的局势,彻底终结布匿人在西西里的统治。
Rebuilding the levelled city of Himera would be a symbolic victory over the Carthaginians, who slaughtered its entire Greek population over a hundred years earlier.重建被夷为平地的希梅拉城Himera将是我们与迦太基战争中的一次象征性胜利。一百年多前,迦太基人屠杀了城内的所有希腊人。
If enough of the island is reconquered, the Punics may be persuaded to at last cut their losses and cede the rest for a fair sum.只要夺回岛上足够多的土地,我们就能用一个合理的金额说服布匿人及时止损并归还剩余的土地给我们。重建希梅拉:复活的城市
- 完美的一天。
名称变为希梅拉Hegemon of Magna Graecia大希腊霸权
With the throne of Sicily secure, the natural avenue of expansion is southern Italy across Charybdis’ strait. The squabbling Italiote cities cry out for aid against their growing Italic neighbours, and Syracuse has many opportunities in the region.一旦确保了我们在西西里的统治,与我们以卡律布狄斯的海峡(译者注:即墨西拿海峡,传言中的大漩涡海怪卡律布狄斯坐落在此处)相隔的南意大利地区自然就是我们的下一个扩张目标。这里的希腊殖民城邦大声求援,以期寻找盟友对抗他们在意大利不断壮大的邻国。叙拉古能在这里大有一番作为。
This tree will be available after completing either of the above, and will provide alternative methods for bringing the Italiote cities under your influence as well as a few other boons as a reward for becoming the leading Greek power in Magna Graecia.本使命树将会在完成上两个使命树之后变为可用。这条使命树会给玩家提供多种控制希腊意大利殖民地的方法。而在成为主导大希腊地区的希腊势力后,玩家也会获得相应的奖励。
Italiote feudatories seeking protection from the Italic tribes may be acquired diplomatically, the powerful Greek states to the east may support you as a bulwark of Hellenic civilisation, and the benefits of the historic cities of Kroton and Taras can be reaped in exchange for investment.对于那些畏惧意大利部落且正在寻求保护的希腊意大利城邦,玩家可以通过外交手段吞并。东面强大的希腊国家也可能资助你成为希腊文明之盾,但作为交换,他们或许会取走古城克罗托内和塔兰托(塔拉斯)的财富。希腊支援:塞琉古的援助
- 赞美塞琉古。
Next we'll take a look at a tree of an entirely different kind.接下来我们来看一条截然不同的使命树。Death to Tyrants僭主去死
Sicily is known for its cruel tyrants; ambitious men who seized power of their cities and introduced delights such as the Brazen Bull of Phalaris. This tree will allow you to overthrow the illegitimate monarchy of Syracuse and restore the old republic, though you will need some help.西西里因那些残忍的僭主而出名;那些野心勃勃的人攫取城市的控制权,并给大众带来像帕拉里斯铜牛Brazen Bull of Phalaris(译注:古希腊死刑装置,将人装在空心铜牛内烤死,期间人的惨叫会被转化成公牛的声音)这样的娱乐工具。尽管你可能会需要一些帮助,但这一任务树将会允许你推翻这些来自叙拉古的僭主,并重建旧共和国。
After selecting a suitable leader, republican revolutionaries will be able to choose between starting a civil war or attempting a coup, both of which will result in a republic being established if successful.在选出合适的领导人之后,共和派革命者将要在发动内战和尝试政变当中做选择,如果一切顺利的话,两个选项最后都能建立共和国。
To Arms will start a civil war, but help must be secured from another country; either a Greek republic (attempting to recreate Timoleon's expedition) or a foreign power nearby such as Carthage (though they will want something in return).“拿起武器”这一任务将会导致内战爆发,但是你必须得到来自另一国家的帮助,不论是一个(正在尝试再来一次泰摩利昂远征)的希腊共和国还是附近的一个外邦政权,比如迦太基(不过他们会想得到一些回报)。在陶尔米纳武装起来!
- 不自由,毋宁死!
Damokles' Lesson will attempt a coup after securing the support of the tyrant's heir or their mercenaries, the latter of which will demand payment if successful.“达摩克利斯的教训”任务将会在得到僭主的继承人或佣兵的支持后尝试发动政变,如果政变成功的话,随后他们将会索取报酬。
None of these potential plots are guaranteed to succeed, and there a number of ways for your best laid plans to go wrong even after the tyrant has been removed.这些潜在的阴谋没有一个能百分百成功,而且即使在暴君被推翻后,也有许多可能会让你制定的最好计划出错。
If you do manage to succeed, Syracusae will become a republic once more, restoring Timoleon's laws and undoing the wrongs of Agathokles. If not, this tree can be repeated, though you will have to wait 20 years between attempts.如果你最终成功了,叙拉古会又一次成为共和国,恢复泰摩利昂法律并解决阿加托克利斯犯下的过错。如果你失败了,这一使命树可以重新进行,不过你需要在下一次尝试前等待20年。-EDIT--补记-
Arheo here, and I believe I promised some info on the retake of the holdings mechanic!我是Arheo,我记得自己答应了要提供一些关于领地机制重做的资讯!
With the advent of Archimedes, I took the opportunity to enhance the holdings system a little. Due to the sheer amount of territories, subdividing each territory N times by creating multiple holdings therein, was difficult to display - as well as make them matter to a player.随着阿基米德Archimedes扩展包的推出,我强化了一点领地系统。由于庞大的领土数量,创造出领地将这些领土分成N块会在显示上造成困难——当然,给玩家也造成了麻烦。
Now, there will only be one 'holding' per territory. This holding, rather than a physical structure, represents the controlling stake in the industry of a territory. This also gives us the opportunity to represent the Holding owner with a portrait, giving the mechanic a little more character:现在,每个领土上都只有一个领地了。这里的领地并不是一个实体结构,而是代表对地区产业的掌控地位。这也给了我们一个机会来用一些肖像来表示那些领地持有者,让这一机制更有特色。撤销领地
忒斯克拉特.斯巴托基德将会失去5 忠诚度(现在:39)
Holdings will still grant the owner Powerbase and income, with the income relative to the output of the territory in which the holding is present.领地仍然会给持有者提供权力基础和收入,而收入会和领地所在的领土之产出挂钩。
Holdings will predominantly be purchased and owned by Heads of Family, and they'll continue to squabble and scheme over them, with even more ferocity than before. Holdings can in fact only be granted to heads of family, although in some cases, they can end up being owned by other characters. We've also abolished a holding limit: the only thing stopping characters owning more holdings, is wealth.领地将主要由家族首脑购买和拥有,他们将一直为这些领地而争吵并策划阴谋,斗争甚至会比以前更加激烈。事实上,这些领地只能被授予给家族首领,尽管在某些情况下,它们最后可能会到了别人的手上。我们还废除了持地限制:唯一阻止角色持有更多领地的是他们自己的财富水平。
Holdings now have their own map-mode, so you can easily see the distribution of power in your nation, as well as foreign nations:领地现在有专门的地图模式,你可以很方便地看到自己国家和外国的权力分布。
Overall, this leads to some interesting power dynamics that occur with the death of heads-of-family, as all holdings immediately transfer to the next in line, putting an awful lot of power suddenly in the hands of a potentially disloyal character. In addition, the rise and fall of families can lead to some interesting holding-related power mechanics, as fallen families will eventually shed holdings, as the ex-HoF passes away.总的来说,这给家族首领的去世带来了一些有趣的权力动态变化,因为所有领地会被马上转到继承者身上,将一堆数量可怕的权力立刻放在一位可能不忠的人物手中。与此同时,家族的兴衰也能带来一些有意思的与领地相关的权力机制,比如衰落的家庭会随着家族首领的去世失去一些领地。
Nb: Characters who join a civil war will try to bring along territories in which they have a controlling stake. This can lead to some... fun situations.Nb:加入内战的人物将会尝试带走那些他们占控制地位的领土。这会带来一些...有趣的情况。
That's all for this DD; see you next week for more.这就是本期开发日志的内容啦。下周我们会带来更多东西!

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