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英白拉多:罗马开发日志 | 1/27 阿基米德的忠诚度重做与地图更新

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Imperator: Rome Development Diary - 27th of January 2020Trin Tragula, Game Designer - Imperator
Hello and welcome to another development diary for the upcoming Archimedes update.大家吼,欢迎来到新一篇关于阿基米德Archimedes更新的开发日志。
Today I will be talking about a revamp of one of the games more integral systems, Character Loyalty, as well as some of the map changes that will be coming in the update.今天我将讨论游戏中必不可少的机制之一,亦即人物忠诚度Character Loyalty的重做,其他内容还包括下个更新中的一些地图改动。Reworking Character Loyalty​人物忠诚度重做
Character Loyalty, especially for characters with high Power Base, is one of the most important metrics that exist in the game. It is how we measure whether any given characters are likely to turn on you, as a participant in a civil war, or stand by you. If characters with high enough Power Base are disloyal this will in itself kick off a Civil War.人物忠诚度是游戏中最重要的度量数值之一,尤其是对权力基础数值较高的人物来说。人物忠诚度用于决定某个人物作为内战参战方时,是参与内战敌对方的还是支持你的。假如一个权力基础很高的角色不忠诚,就足以引发内战。
Currently Loyalty is constantly drifting either upwards or downwards. This means that in most cases all Characters in your country are either headed towards complete blind loyalty to the state, or falling into absolute hatred of all things you do. This is obviously not very realistic, and it presents some weird situations when playing where suddenly your entire court is rapidly losing loyalty at once.目前,忠诚度会持续地升高或是降低。这也就意味着在大多数情况下,国家中的人物要么渐渐变得对国家盲目忠诚,要么就是彻底厌恶你所做的一切。显然这不符合实际,而且还会导致正常玩着玩着,宫廷里所有人的忠诚度就都突然开始迅速下降。忠诚度
Very early screenshot of how loyalty modifiers might work after the rework. Since this is work in progress no number here can be considered final.这是一张处于开发非常早期的截屏,用于展示在重做后忠诚度的修正是如何运作的。由于该内容仍在制作中,因此此处数值并非最终版本。
What we want instead is for Loyalty to be a more individual number, one that is not so uniform and that won't always be in flux. Temporary issues should be able to affect it but at its base it should consist of things like traits, current ambitions, power, and memories of past slights.我们想达到的效果是,让忠诚度成为一个更加个人化的数值,所有人的忠诚度不会那么一致,也不要让忠诚度一直改变。临时事件会影响忠诚度,但是归根结底忠诚度还是取决于人物的特质、当前野心、权力、以及过去的睚眦等。
To this end Character Loyalty is being reworked be the sum of static modifiers that add or remove loyalty. A system not too dissimilar to Loyalty National Opinion that a foreign country have of you, or the Character Opinions that your courtiers have of you in Crusader Kings 2.至此,人物忠诚度改成了一些静态修正的总和,其中有加有减。与新的忠诚度系统很相似的系统有:国家好感度系统,即外国对你国的态度;还有十字军之王2中的人物好感度系统,即你的廷臣对你的态度。忠诚度
Like opinions, Loyalty modifiers are not always permanent, they can have a duration or decay, but their impact on a character's loyalty will always be static, instead of a change over time. You will at all times be able to see what the loyalty of any character is impacted by and how your actions have affected it.与好感度相似,忠诚度的修正并非完全固定的,并会有持续时间或者衰减,但是这些修正对人物忠诚度的影响是固定的,并不会随时间改变。你随时都可以浏览某个人物的忠诚度受哪些因素影响,以及你的行为所造成的影响。忠诚度
These changes will mean that there should be a fair number of characters that can exist with a loyalty that is not at the extreme points of the scale, and that the "normal" situation should be for characters to have a loyalty rating that is relatively stable over time (only changing when circumstances around them change).这些改动意味着会有不少人物的忠诚度并非处于极端值,而“通常”的情况应该是人物的忠诚度在某时间段内相对稳定。(忠诚度只会在人物周围的情况发生改变时一同出现变化)
We hope that this will mean that at any given point you will have characters that are more or less loyal, for their own given reasons that you can see. Instead of having all characters trend up or down towards the extremes, and that we think will make loyalty a more enjoyable experience to deal with, even if it is still something that can break your country.我们希望这样的改动能营造这么一种情况——在任何时间点玩家麾下都会有或忠诚或不忠诚的人物,并玩家可以看见其相对应的理由,而非先前情况中所有人物的忠诚度都会朝着某一极端值上升或下降,我们认为借此可以让处理忠诚度的游戏体验能更加有趣,哪怕它仍然是足以毁坏国家的因素之一。Map Changes in Archimedes​阿基米德更新中的地图改动
As is customary for updates to our Grand Strategy Games we have taken the opportunity to revisit some areas of the map and political setup at the start of the game.正如我们的大战略游戏更新惯例,我们也借机重新审视了地图中的某些区域,以及游戏开局时的政治局势。
One area that I have wanted to revisit ever since the original release is India.自游戏发布后我就一直想重新审视的一处区域是印度。
As I noted in the original development diary on India the subcontinent has a political and religious history that is every bit as complex as the mediterrenean and Europe. India is also very relevant to the Diadochi and the Greek world since Alexander’s empire extended into the subcontinent and the newly born Mauryan Empire is in conflict with the Seleucid Successor state at the start of our game.正如我曾在先前关于印度的开发日志所说,这片次大陆的政治、宗教历史与地中海沿岸区与欧洲一样的复杂。而自亚历山大帝国扩张到次大陆之后,印度也与继业者们以及希腊世界关系紧密,比如游戏开局时新生的孔雀王朝就与塞琉古王朝处在冲突之中。
Western India would also see the rise of another Greek state once the Mauryan influence waned towards the middle of the period covered by the game.而西印度也将在游戏所涉时代的中期、孔雀王朝影响力衰减后见证另一个希腊国家的崛起。
Northern India​北印度
One of the main goals when revisiting India has been to take another look at the Mauryan Empire. In 304 BCE the Mauryan Empire is a relatively young polity. Having expanded from a base in the Lower Indus region it has in short time come to usurp all the lands under the Nanda Empire, and relocated its capital to their imperial center at Pataliputra in the north east.再审视印度的主要目标之一,是重新审视孔雀帝国Mauryan Empire。在公元前304年,孔雀帝国是一个相对年轻的政治实体。它从印度河下游地区某地为基进行扩张后,很快就夺取了难陀帝国Nanda Empire的所有国土,并迁都至东北部的华氏城Pataliputra作为帝国的中心。
This was not a journey that could be made while retaining total control over all regions conquered. While the Mauryan empire in time would build a strong state, with a sizable bureaucracy and administration its rapid rise was in part due to it gaining support of local powers in the regions on the border between Greek and Indian states in Punjab. Not long ago this region was ruled by a great number of powerful Indian Republics, some of which offered their support to the Mauryas and who would retain great influence within the Maurya Empire.但如此征途是不可能同时全面控制各个被征服地区的。虽然彼时孔雀帝国将建立一个强大而坐拥庞大官僚与行政体系的国家,但其迅速的崛起部分原因是,它获得了希腊诸国与印度诸国边界的旁遮普地区地方势力的支持。不久前该地区由许多强大的印度人的共和国统治,其中一些共和国向孔雀王朝提供了支持,而这些人也将在孔雀帝国中保持巨大影响力。
In other cases it was more the case that Mauryan advance against greek forces led to old local magnates becoming independent until later subdued by other Mauryan emperors once the wars with the Greeks and the Nandas were over.当然从另一个角度考虑,更合适的说法是孔雀王朝对希腊势力的进军致使旧日的地方头领走向独立,直到后来与希腊人和难陀人的战争结束后,才向另外的孔雀王朝皇帝屈服。
The north will now therefore feature a number of new independent states such as the Khasa (in Kashmir) and the Nabhaka and Nabhapakti (further west into the Himalayas).因此,与印度北部现在将添加许多新的独立国家,例如迦刹Khasa(在克什米尔)、內布哈喀Nabhaka和内布哈旁谛Nabhapakti(喜马拉雅山的更西面)。
In the plains of Punjab and Haryana the Paurava and Yaudheya are powerful Republican states that are subjects to the Mauryan Empire.在旁遮普和哈里亚纳的平原上,保拉瓦Paurava和姚达亚Yadheuya是强大的共和国,附属于孔雀帝国。
Further south Mahisamandala and Palada are now represented as tributaries of the Mauryas in the northern Deccan rather than as directly controlled land.现在,更南面的马兴萨曼达喇Mahisamandala和毗拉达Palada则被视为孔雀王朝在德干北部的朝贡国,而不是直接控制的国土。
Southern India​南印度
It is hard to say what southern India was like with the exactness that we can in the north specifically in 304 BCE. The Tamil country has always been one of the richer and more fertile parts of the subcontinent and by digging into the history of states such as the Pandyas, Cholas and Anuradhapura we have been able to give a better picture of the political realities that would have existed around the time that our game portray.与印度北部不同,印度南部很难确定到底是什么样子的,特别是在公元前304年。泰米尔国家一直是次大陆较富裕和丰沃的部分,并且通过深入研究潘地亚Pandyas、朱罗Cholas和阿努拉德普勒Anuradhapura等国的历史,我们能够更好地描绘政治现实的图景,反映出我们的游戏所处那个时代的政治状况。
This means that many of the polities which exist in Livy and before have now been broken into smaller states. The island of Lanka is not yet unified entirely under Anurudhapura at the start, and the inland beyond the Pandyas is now under various chiefdoms known from the Sangam literature such as Kosar and Parambu.这意味着,李维Livy和之前版本存在的许多政治实体现在已被分解为较小的国家。开局时,斯里兰卡岛尚未完全被阿努拉德普勒Anuradhapura统一,而潘地亚Pandyas以外的内陆现在由桑伽姆文学Sangam Literature(译注:泰米尔人的古代文学,南印度最早的文学史诗)中所知的各个酋长国统治,例如克萨尔Kosar和巴拉姆布Parambu。
Arachosia and the Mountains​阿拉霍西亚和兴都库什山区
The border region where Maurya and Seleucid interests meet was still contested at the start of our game. While Seleucus himself and his son Antiochus had recently spent some time getting the eastern satrapies in line their hold over the far east where this conflict takes place was less absolute.游戏开局时,孔雀人和塞琉古人利益交接的边界地带仍存在争议。尽管塞琉古本人和他的儿子安提俄克斯最近花了一些时间使东部的总督们听话,但他们对正在发生冲突的远东地区的控制则没有那么绝对保险。
The Archimedes update introduces Syburtius of Arachosia as a playable satrap (subject state) of the Seleucids, together with the locally ruled Gandhara principality controlling the Khyber pass. Historically this region would come under Mauryan control shortly after our start, with the Syburtius becoming a greek subject ruler under the Mauryan king, a relationship that may have lasted well into Ashoka’s reign, when Greek (Yonas) are noted as subjects of the Indian emperor in this region. Even further on Arachosia is one of the regions under Indo-Greek empire.阿基米德Archimedes更新引入了阿拉霍西亚的赛帛琉斯Syburtius of Arachosia,作为塞琉古的可玩总督区(附属国),以及控制开伯尔山口的当地统治者犍陀罗Gandhara王公国。历史上该地区将在开局后不久就由孔雀帝国控制,而赛帛琉斯则成为孔雀国王麾下的希腊附属国,这种关系可能一直延续到阿育王Ashoka统治时期,当时此地区的希腊人(喻尼人Yonas)被视为印度皇帝的臣民。阿拉霍西亚再往前就是属于印度-希腊帝国治下的地区之一。That was all for today!这就是今天的全部内容了!
This was a brief look at what the Archimedes update brings to Characters as well as some of the Map and Setup updates we have planned.本篇简要介绍了阿基米德Archimedes更新带来的人物相关的内容,以及我们计划的一些地图及设定更新。
Next week @Arheo will be back to talk about things close to his heart.下周@Arheo将回归并谈论他惦记着的一些内容。

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