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英白拉多:罗马开发日志 | 10/14 任务系统与叙事性

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Imperator Dev Diary 14/10/19Arheo, The Doctor, Wearer of Hats and Hitman-Narrator
Hi, and welcome to another dev diary for Imperator: Rome!大家吼啊,欢迎来到帝皇:罗马的又一篇开发日志!
As one of the major features in the 1.3 Livy update, we wanted to address objective and direction.作为1.3版本号李维Livy更新中的主要新特性之一,我们想要解决游戏目标和方向的问题。
We had discussed the possibility of a mission system well before release, but had not been happy with any of the designs that we considered. There were several key points that we felt (for legitimate reasons), hadn't really been covered by similar systems in our sister-titles, and we felt strongly that I:R should have it's own, unique system.在游戏发售之前,我们就曾讨论过加入一个任务系统的可能性,但结果是我们想出的各种设计都不怎么令人满意。在我们其它几个游戏中有相似的系统,但是我们(有正当的理由)认为,总有一些关键点是这些系统没有覆盖到的;我们强烈认为,帝皇:罗马该有一个独有、独特的新系统。
Firstly, we wanted to ensure that any iteration of a mission system avoided rail-roading the player into playing the game in the same way each time (with any given nation), and secondly, that the player did not only complete tasks, but that the tasks and missions would drive story, both for the intended target, and within the local region.首先,我们希望能保证,对这个任务系统的重复游玩应该避免固定玩家的路线,不能让玩家每次游戏的方式都完全一样(不管是玩哪个国家);其次,不仅是要让玩家去完成各种事务,而且应该要让事务和任务来驱动故事,一是要向着预定的目标,二是要让系统限制在本地区域内。
What we came up with, was a system in which we would write mission "blocks", if you will, which covered compact geographic areas or distinct subject matter, and of which the player had an array to choose from. For example, Rome may be presented with the initial choice to focus on uniting Italia, or instead choosing a mission to develop the land they already own, or turn to the south and deal with Magna Graecia.我们最后想出的系统是,编写所谓的任务“块”:任务块Mission Blocks覆盖了紧凑的地理区域,或是有差别的主题内容,玩家可以在其中选择。例如,罗马也许会给选择,是像起初那样专注于统一意大利呢,还是选择一个开发已有土地的任务呢,又或者是选择转向南方处理大希腊地区。任务选择:罗马的意大利;大希腊问题;意大利明珠

- 装点我们的首都-罗马
- 增加粮食补给
Each of these mission blocks will be self-contained, and are intended to tell a bit of a story alongside the expected mission fare. Missions will appear as dynamically generated flow-trees, and contain a variety of tasks including timed tasks akin to focus trees, and objectives requiring conditions to be fulfilled.每一个任务块Mission Blocks都是独立自洽的,其目的是在预期任务开展的同时稍微讲一点故事。任务Missions会以流动树状的构造来动态生成,其中包含了各种各样的事务Tasks,有与国策树系统类似的计时事务,还有需要完成某种条件的目标Objectives。
With the relative power of the scripting tools available to us, we've been able to create a series of highly procedural missions with varying objectives and task branches, which will react to the situation in which a nation finds itself, and which should maintain a basic feeling of individuality each time they are selected. This idea of 'generic' missions, if you will, is an inevitability while the mission system is in its infancy, but should provide enough variety as to prevent every nation from feeling directly comparable.借助于我们可用的脚本工具的强大功能,我们成功地做出了一套高度程序化的任务,其包含有各种不同的目标和事务分支,这会根据国家所处的情况作出变化,所以在每次选择任务时,它都能保持一定的独特感。在任务系统的初始阶段,,某种形式的“通用“任务是无法避免的,但是我们这个系统应该能足以提供足够的变化,而不会让游玩各个国家感觉起来直截雷同。
Of course, we are working on a great set of story missions, and one of the primary focuses of these is to provide a sense of regional narrative. A mission for Rome which deals with Sicily, for example, will contain a great deal of regional involvement; for the primary antagonists as well as for nations close by, but incidental to the greater conflict. Our story missions are just that; stories intended to allow a player to pick chapters appropriate to their interests, in which to immerse themselves.当然啦,我们正在制作大量的故事任务,故事任务的重点之一是想要提供一种地域叙事。比如说,罗马关于西西里的任务会有很大的地区相关性,既有其主要敌国,又有附近的其他国家,但偶尔会伴随有更大的冲突。我们所制作的故事任务就像这样,目的是让玩家自行选择自己感兴趣的故事章节,以带来游戏沉浸感。
We'll cover a bit more about our story missions in the near future, so stay tuned, and I'll do my best to cover any questions that you have about the upcoming systems!在不远的将来,我们还会讲到更多与故事任务有关的内容。所以不要走开,我会尽量回答你们关于即将到来的新系统的各种问题。

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