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Imperator - Development Diary - 2nd of September 西塞罗更新的法律与角色互动改动

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Imperator - Development Diary - 2nd of SeptemberTrin Tragula, Imperator
Hello and Welcome to another Developer Diary for Imperator: Rome!大家吼,欢迎来到又一篇帝皇:罗马的开发日志!
Today we will be covering the Law changes, as well as new Character Interactions in the Cicero Update. As you will be aware if you have played the beta version of the Update we have revamped laws for all governments with the goal of making the government types more distinct from each other and to better interact with the game world.今天我们将讲到法律方面的改动,以及西塞罗Cicero更新中新的角色互动Character Interactions。假如你玩过本次更新的测试版本,你就会知道,我们已经把所有政府类型的法律都修改过了一遍,目的是为了增加不同类型政府之间的区分度,以及让玩家更好地与游戏世界互动。
This rework was in part necessary since the overhaul of population meant that many of the laws should now interact with the new system, changing the ideal ratios of different pop types in your cities, or increasing the speed of religious conversions, but it was also born out of a wish to introduce more meaningful choices when selecting your laws.既然人口系统重制了,法律内容的改动在某种程度上来说是必须的,毕竟这就意味着很多法律现在应该要与新的人口系统相互动,例如改变城市中各人口的预期比例,或者增加宗教皈依的速度。另外,重做法律还因为我们希望能够在玩家选择法律时引入更多有意思的选项。Republican Laws共和国法律实施利奇尼乌斯-穆奇乌斯法
该法引发了对登记为罗马公民的意大利人(译注:主要为古拉丁人latini prisci)的审查,这很大程度上是由于排外心理的民粹主义。该法的通过引发了这些罗马盟友的骚动,因为这实际上禁止了他们作为公民活动。
While half of the law categories are available from the start, the last 4 categories (Religious Laws, Integration Laws, Citizenship laws and Land Reforms) are now unlocked by technology as the game progresses.虽然半数类别的法律在游戏开始时就为可用状态,但最后四类法律(宗教法Religious Laws,整合法Integration Laws、公民法Citizenship Laws以及土地改革Land Reforms)随游戏进程由科技解锁。
The main chance to Republican laws however is that any choice you make will increase the influence over one faction in senate over the others over time. Often the faction that grows will do so in a reactive manner, empowering one faction will allow its opponents to grow.然而,对共和国法律的主要改动是:你对法律做出的任何选择都会随时间增加元老院内某一派系相对于其他派系的影响力。通常,某一派系影响力的增长都会造成一定的后果,就比如说某一派系的掌权也将使得其敌人越来越多。
Monarchy Laws君主国法律为地主建立法院
Where Republics have to accept that any law they adopt will have an effect on the balance of the senate factions Monarchies will instead contend with the fact that most laws will now increase the loyalty of either your generals or your governors, while also decreasing it for the other group. In this way you will now have to balance the need for loyalty of your governors versus that of your generals.共和国不得不接受的事实是:无论采纳何种法律都会对元老院中的派系平衡造成影响;然而作为替代,君主国不得不面对的是:大多数法律将会在增加将军们的忠诚度的同时减少总督们的忠诚度;或者在增加总督们的忠诚度的同时减少将军们的忠诚度。这样,你就需要平衡你对总督和将军的忠诚度的需求。
Just as in Republics there are a number of Law Categories that are unlocked by technology (Taxation Laws, Domestic Laws, Conversion Laws, Authority Laws and Contract Law) with each further modifying the loyalty of your Governors and Generals.与共和国一样,有几类法律需要通过科技解锁(税收法Taxation Laws,国内法Domestic Laws,皈依法Conversion Laws,集权法Authority Laws以及合同法Contract Laws),它们也会进一步影响总督和将军的忠诚度。
Tribal Laws部落法律建立绝对权威
Tribes are different in many ways from other countries. Most notably the Centralization value of Tribal countries cover how sedentary their society is, and Tribes that do not settle down and turn into Monarchies or Republics have a hard time getting far ahead in technology.部落与别的国家有很多不同。最显著的就是由部落集权度所代表的其社群的定居程度。此外,那些不定居变为君主国或共和国的部落很难在科技上领先。
Instead of unlocking from technology Tribal laws are separated into two distinct varieties. One variety opens up more laws the more negative your centralization is, while the other unlocks more laws the higher your centralization is.部落法不需要通过科技解锁,作为替代,部落法被划分为截然不同的两类。一类集权度越小解锁得越多,另一类集权度越高解锁得越多。
Laws themselves will also all either increase or decrease Centralization over time, making laws an integral part of making your Tribe more migratory or in turning it more sedentary and ultimately a Republic or Monarchy.这些法律本身也会随时间增加或者减少集权度,这样的话,如果你想让部落的迁徙性更加强烈,或者想定居下来成为君主国或共和国,法律就成为了必不可少的一部分。
The added effects of multiple laws also means that while it is slow at start the reformation of your society will tend to pick up pace over time as more laws are enacted.不同法律的效果叠加同时也意味着:尽管社会改革的起始阶段十分缓慢,但随着越来越多法律的实施,社会的变革将会随着时间加快脚步。Changes to Character Interactions:角色互动的改变
Arrange Marriage安排婚姻一对绝配
- 艰难的买卖,不过花的每分钱都是值得的
- 我们需要到别处寻求爱情了...
Arranging marriages for your ruler is not as straightforward as it once was. Depending on their circumstances the family of your future spouse can now make demands for a monetary contribution in the form of a dower/dowry for one of a number of reasons. Of course depending on the circumstances it may also be more straightforward, some rulers are more palatable than others.现在,为统治者安排婚姻不像之前那样直接明了了。根据不同的情况,你未来配偶的家族现在可以用某个借口要求一笔钱作为嫁妆。当然,有些情况下他们可能会更直接地要钱,毕竟有些君主更好说话一点。
Granting Regional Nicknames授予地区性称号授予称号
While generals were already able to acquire regional nicknames (inheritable as cognomens if playing a Roman culture country) it is now also possible to grant these directly to a governor under your control.虽然现在将军们已经能够得到地区性称号(如果游玩罗马文化国家,称号会成为姓氏继承下来),但现在也可以直接将称号授予你治下的总督。
Impose Corruption Sanctions实施腐败处罚对阿那克西曼德·罗曼德罗斯·夏尔托格拉福什实施腐败处罚
As another way to combat corruption in specific characters it is now possible to reduce the corruption of a character, this will also reduce their loyalty to an equal amount.抑制特定角色的腐败有了新的方法,现在你可以降低某个角色的腐败度,但同时降低相当程度的忠诚度。Power Base & Loyalty​权力基础以及忠诚度
In the Cicero Update power base in itself will lead to a decrease in loyalty, meaning that very powerful characters will naturally be harder to keep loyal over time. This has also replaced the loyalty decrease from Loyal Troops since these contribute to the Power Base as well.在西塞罗Cicero更新中,权力基础Power Base本身会减少忠诚度,这也就是说,有权势的角色自然难以长时间保持忠诚。同时,既然忠于个人的军队也被计入权力基础之中,忠于个人的军队导致的忠诚度降低也就被替代了。Changes since the Open Beta​自开放测试以来的改动
As the final release of this update draws nearer most of the things I talk about in this diary will already be known to those of you who have been playing the open beta. Therefore, here are some more assorted things we have changed since the last open version:随着本次更新最终发布的时间越来越近,我在这篇日志里所说的东西很快就将被游玩开放测试的各位所知。因此,这里是我们自上次开放版本以来改动过的各种各样的东西:
The view for constructing buildings have had an overhaul, and the buttons for upgrading cities or revoking city status can now be found there.建造建筑的界面重做了,升级城市或撤销城市地位的按钮也放在了那里。
Revoking City Status no longer costs Political Influence, instead it costs only Tyranny. This cost is discounted heavily for Tribes.撤销城市地位不需要花费政治影响力了,作为替代,它只需要花费暴政度。部落的花费要少得多。
Upgrading a Settlement to a City, or a city to a Metropolis no longer has a scaling gold cost. Instead it costs a flat amount.将一个聚落升级为城市,或者将一个城市升级为都会现在不需要成比例的金钱花费了,而是要消耗定值数额的金钱。
Founding a city will now remove a local food trade good in a location, replacing it with something else. Should City Status be revoked the old food trade good will be returned. AI countries will avoid turning Food producing settlements into cities.建立一个城市现在会移除当地一个食物贸易商品,以别的东西作为代替。假如城市地位被撤销,旧有的食物贸易商品会退还回来。AI国家会避免将生产食物的聚落变为城市。
A bug where local modifiers sometimes did not count (also known as Marketplaces do nothing) has been fixed.修复了一个会导致本地修正有时候会不计入(又称为市场全部木大木大)的错误。
AI Monarchies will be a bit better at dealing with Tyranny by being more selective in how they use the ability to demand support for their heir.AI君主国将会更好地处理暴政度,它们会更有选择性地使用要求支持继承人这个功能。

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