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Imperator Dev Diary - 8/26/19 开发日志 西塞罗更新的平衡性改动

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Imperator Dev Diary - 8/26/19Arheo, The Doctor, Wearer of Hats and Hitman-Narrator
Greetings all!大家吼!
Today I'm joined by @Trin Tragula who will bring you up to date on some of the rebalancing and tweaking that has taken place in the Cicero update, after I've explained a little about the changes we’ve made to the food and pop systems. These changes are not currently live on the open beta, so those of you who have kindly opted in to the beta to help us out, will have some new information to read.今天@Trin Tragula也加入了我的行列,先由我给大家稍微解释一下对食物与人口系统做的改动,然后由他和大家聊聊西塞罗Cicero更新中的平衡性调整与修正。我们还没有在Beta版本开放测试中更新这些改动,所以即使你热心地参加了Beta版本开放测试,这篇日志也会有些新消息,值得一读。
It has been rightly pointed out that the way that starvation applies in the current beta iteration results in some undesirable results. To solve this, starvation will no longer be applied at a flat rate, which caused Settlements to dwindle away when a large city is present in a Province.确实,当前Beta版本开放测试中饥荒系统的机制结果不尽如人意。为了解决这个问题,现在饥荒不再是线性效果,从而防止在有大城市的省份中小聚落因此消亡的情况。
Instead, provinces which run out of food will apply a -75% total multiplier to the population capacity of all Province territories. Overpopulation will now yield a small (-0.03%) population growth malus for every pop over the threshold, alongside the happiness penalties previously implemented. This solves a number of issues we had when playing with Cicero, and feels like a much more organic solution to starvation and overpopulation. Territories that exceed their population capacity will begin to slowly grow fewer pops, organically reaching a stable population point, and starvation will no longer punish Settlements unduly.取而代之的是,耗尽粮食的省份中的每块领地都会获得一个-75%的人口容量修正。而每一个超额人口现在不仅会提供幸福度惩罚,还会给予微弱的(-0.03%)人口增长惩罚。这个改动解决了许多我们游玩西塞罗Cicero更新时发现的问题,并感觉这样能更有机地解决饥荒和人口过剩的问题。超出人口容量的领地会逐渐减少自身的人口增长速率,并最终达到人口平衡,此后饥荒便不再会过度地折磨聚落了。
In addition to these food changes, we've taken a pass over the initial setup of the territory map, adding food resources to a few Provinces that were lacking access to a renewable food source, and removed a series of buildings that were erroneously lurking in territories of the wrong category.在这些对食物系统的改动之上,我们进一步修改了领地地图的初始设定,为几个缺少稳定食物供给的省份添加了食物资源,并移除了一些我们之前没发现的、被错误地分配到非对应领地类型的建筑。
A seemingly minor, but important change coming to population, is in the way that ratios are calculated. It was previously possible to raise the desired ratio of a pop-type to well above 100%, and depending on the order (from left to right) in which it appeared, would be given precedence over other types. In an effort to solve this problem, and provide a better baseline with which to balance setups, we’ve elected to normalise pop ratios across the board.我们还改动了人口种类比例的计算机制,这虽然看似无足轻重,但其实十分重要。之前,玩家有办法将特定人口种类的预期比率提升到高于100%,以从左至右的顺序来排列显示,来决定此类人口的增长将会较其它种类有优先级。为了解决这个问题,也为了给平衡性修改提供一个更好的基准线,我们决定将人口比率进行全局均化显示。
In practical terms, this means that a territory which in the old system had 20% Desired Citizens and 10% Desired Freemen, would now have 66.6% Desired Citizens, and 33.3% Desired Freemen.在实际游戏中,这意味着原先显示有20%预期公民和10%预期自由民的领地,现在会显示有66.6%的预期公民和33.3%的预期自由民。
This system is much easier to balance around, and should never result in a situation where it becomes impossible to gain any pops of a specific type in a territory.这个系统更易于平衡,并杜绝了领地内的特定人口种群无法增长的情况。
Some valuable feedback regarding the cost of founding a city has been given and received, and we've changed the cost from a scaled gold cost, to a flat gold cost. This seems logical, as the benefit from a city does not scale linearly with national income, as a scaling cost would imply.而关于城市的造价,我们也收到并采纳了一些有意义的反馈。我们将比例计算的建城费改为了定额计算。这很符合逻辑,因为当建城费随国家收入比例增长时,城市提供的收益其实没有一起增加。
Now I shall hand over to @Trin Tragula , to explain some of the balance changes we've made, in the Cicero update!现在有请@Trin Tragula来讲解我们在西塞罗Cicero更新中做的几个平衡性调整!Hello and welcome to this second part of today's Dev Diary. Here I will show some of the changes that Cicero brings on the balancing side. One of the greater benefits of an open beta is that we have been able to change things based on the feedback players provide as they try out features. Some of this you will already be aware of if you have been playing the open beta, some of it will be new even if you have.你们好啊,欢迎来到今天开发日志的第二部分。在这个部分我会展示一些西塞罗Cicero更新中为了平衡性而做的更改。Beta版本开放测试最大的好处之一,就是我们可以借助玩家试玩之后的反馈完善我们的更新。试玩过Beta版本的玩家大概已经料到了其中的一些改动, 但还有一些改动即使你玩过了Beta版本也一定想不到。
Military Traditions军事传统
Traditions are in many ways the main thing that differentiates countries in various parts of the map, and in some cases they also unlock things that you cannot otherwise make use of. As such there will likely always be many opinions on them and their relative balance.从许多方面来说,传统都是地图上各地区间国家的主要差异,而某些传统也能解锁专属能力。这必然会引发玩家对其平衡性的讨论。
Offense, Defence and Discipline: Something that has been frequently mentioned by the community is the fact that traditions have not always seen to the full picture when it comes to the use of unit specific Offense, Defence and Discipline modifiers. As of the Cicero Update almost all such modifiers from traditions have been changed. Some have increased, others have decreased and in many cases a Discipline bonus has been turned into one for Offense or Defence.进攻、防御和训练度:社群内常有玩家表示,当涉及到具体单位的进攻、防御、训练度修正时,现有的传统并不总能带来很好的全局游戏体验。因此在西塞罗Cicero更新中,我们几乎调整了所有的进攻、防御和训练度修正,做了全面的增减更改,并将相当一部分的训练度增益改成了进攻或防御修正。
Levantine Traditions: When traditions were originally conceived the intention was always that Egypt make use of the Levantine set. This later changed to make the successor kingdoms all use the same (Greek) Tradition set. In the name of variety Cicero has brought the Levantine set back to Egypt, while also reshuffling it a bit to make the middle path able to unlock Mega Polyremes. The Legacy of the Builders tradition will now also provide extra building slots in cities.黎凡特传统:这个传统本来为埃及准备的,只是后来埃及因为是继业者王国之一而被分配了希腊传统。现在,重视多样性的西塞罗Cicero更新重新将黎凡特传统赋予了埃及,并做了些微调,给予了中间路线解锁巨型战船的能力。同时,建筑者遗产传统现在可以为城市提供额外的建造位了。
'Barbarian' Traditions: Perhaps our most wide reaching set, that of the Barbarian Traditions, have seen an increase in bonuses related to Light Infantry and Chariots.“蛮族”传统:蛮族传统大概是游戏中使用得最为广泛的传统了。我们提升了其与轻步兵以及战车有关的增益。
Military Units军事单位
A fair bit of the feedback we have been getting during the open beta has related to unit type balance. In some ways the new food system has meant that units with a higher weight are more valuable now, and to some degree this feedback has just related to general concerns present since 1.1 or before.我们从开放测试里得到的反馈之中,相当一部分是与单位平衡有关的。从某些方面来说,新的食物系统意味着补给需求量较大的单位会更有价值,并且这些反馈也正好与自1.1版本号或更早的版本以来的大家的关注点有些关联。
Elephants: While elephants themselves have not been changed their general viability has increased with the introduction of food. Having a healthy food storage, and taking control of the enemy food storage in offensive warfare, have made these giant beasts of the battlefield a much more viable option in many cases.战象:虽然战象本身并没有受到什么改动,但是随着食物系统的引入,它的可用性也上升了。保有健康的食物储备,或是在进攻战争中控制敌人的食物储备,这样就可以让这群战场巨兽成为某些战况下的更好的选择。
Horse Archers & Light Cavalry: The effectiveness of flanking means that both Horse Archers and Light Cavalry are very useful, more so than is warranted by their cost and availability. As of the Cicero patch we have increased the attrition weight of both, reflecting the great need for food of horses. Mounted archers will now also take extra morale damage and therefore retreat more quickly from the field of battle if they are opposed, much like archers do when deployed as skirmishers.弓骑兵和轻骑兵:弓骑兵以及轻骑兵在侧翼的效用意味着它们都十分好用,与它们的造价和要求相比物超所值。自西塞罗补丁起,我们增加了这两个兵种的损耗比重,以代表马匹食料的巨大需求量。弓骑兵还会承受更多士气伤害,因此当他们受到攻击时将更快撤出战场,就好像被部署为散兵的弓箭手一样。
Chariots: Chariots are a tricky unit type balance wise since they were largely outdated in many ways by the start of our game, yet they were still in frequent use in some societies. As of the Cicero patch Chariots are cheaper to recruit (from a cost of 8 to 6) and traditions that boost them have been further increased.战车:战车这个单位的平衡很难做好,因为在游戏开始时战车在各方面都十分落后了,然而在有些族群中仍然十分常用。自西塞罗补丁起,战车的招募费用会更加便宜(从8降到6),增强战车的传统也大大加强了。
Heavy Cavalry: While expensive Heavy Cavalry was a central part of a number of prominent armies in this timeline. Cicero patch increases the viability of Heavy Cavalry by reducing their price to 10 (this is further reduced by Military Traditions in many cases).重骑兵:虽然造价昂贵,重骑兵仍然是这个时代不少强悍陆军的中坚力量。西塞罗补丁增强了重骑兵的可用性,将造价降低到了10(很多军事传统还可以进一步降低造价)。
Mega Polyremes & Octeres: The idea of the Heavy ship class was always that its main use would be the special abilities that they have access to, that allow them to influence land warfare and help more directly with naval invasions than other types. This is why their maneuverability is low enough that they can only target a ship directly in front of them, but even given that these ships have tended to perform very well against other ship types. More so than intended, even given their high cost.巨型战船和八列桨座战船:关于重型战舰,我们的想法一直是,它们的主要用途是其所有的特殊能力,即它们可以影响陆地上的战斗,以及它们比其他种类的战舰更能直接的助力海军入侵。这就是为什么它们的机动性很差,只能瞄准其正前方的一艘船,不过实际上,它们在对抗其他类型的船只时仍然表现得相当不错。就算考虑到它们高昂的造价,也比预想中强太多了。
For this reason both Mega-Polyremes and Octeres have now lost their greater ability to absorb strength damage, making them slightly less useful in ship to ship encounters.因此,巨型战船和八列桨座战船都失去了它们吸收强度伤害的强大能力,由此削弱他们在战舰遭遇战中的作用。
National Ideas国家理念
Even if the need to match your national idea to your government type remains in Cicero the removal of monarch power has made it more important that national ideas can compete with each other for utility.在西塞罗Cicero中,国家理念依然需要与政府种类相匹配,君主点数系统的移除又使得国家理念之间在功能上的相互竞争更加重要。
The bonuses have therefore been revisited, both with an eye on their value and to adopt them to our new game mechanics such as food or conversion.理念的增益因此也重新审视了,既关注了它们的价值,又要与我们的新游戏机制相匹配,例如食物和传教。
Central Urban Spaces: Province loyalty gain increased from 3% to 5% to make the idea more worthwhile.市区中心用地:将省份忠诚度所得从3%提高到5%,使这个理念更有价值。
City Planning: With the introduction of cities a national idea that gave more building slots in only cities turned out to be of limited use. Instead this idea now gives a general increase in Population Capacity.城市规划:随着城市系统的引入,这个只能为城市提供建筑槽的国家理念显得用处有限。作为替代,这个理念会提高全局人口容量。
Standard Construction: With buildings playing a larger role in the game, and with the more expensive buildings in settlements this idea has grown more useful. It will remains o but the discount for buildings have been decreased from 20% to 15%.标准化建设:建筑在游戏中占据了更重要的地位,聚落中的建筑也更加昂贵,这个理念也变得更加有用。它仍然将会很有用,但是建筑造价减少从20%下降到15%。
Grain Stockpile: Instead of increasing population growth directly this idea will now increase Food output as well as the food capacity in every Province in your empire.粮食储备:之前这个理念会直接增加人口增长,现在它会增加食物产出以及帝国境内所有省份的食物储备量。
Institutional Proselytism: This idea will now increase population conversion speed in your nation.例行改宗:这个理念现在会增加国内人口转变宗教的速度。
Siege Training: In order to make this idea more worthwhile the bonus to Siege Ability is now 15%.围攻训练:为了使这个理念更加值得点,围城能力的增益现在变为15%。
That was all for today. It is however by no means the only tweaks coming to the Cicero update! We will cover more changes, as well as more of the general features of the Cicero Update next week.以上就是今天的全部内容。然而这绝不是西塞罗更新中仅有的改动!下一周,我们会涉及到西塞罗更新中更多的改动,以及更多通用特性。

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