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Imperator - Development Diary - 13th of May 2019 开发日志50 政体与人物互动的改动牧游社 牧有汉化翻译
Imperator - Development Diary - 13th of May 2019Johan, EVP Creative Direction
Hi everyone and welcome back to another development diary! This time we look into some of the political changes for the free Pompey update that will be out in June.大家吼,欢迎回到另一篇开发日志!这一次,我们来看看免费的庞培Pompey更新中的一些政治系统的改动,这个更新包将在六月发布。Electable Age in Republics共和国的选举年龄
Different republics will have different age-requirements for who can be elected to become ruler. Rome for example, require its rulers to be at least 35 years old.不同的共和国对谁能当选为统治者有着不同的年龄要求。例如,罗马要求其统治者至少年满35岁。Co-Ruler/Dual-Rulers共治统治者/二元统治者
In the Pompey patch (v1.1), Aristocratic Republics will have Consuls & Co-Consuls. When elected, the one with highest support becomes Consul, and the one with the second highest number of votes becomes Co-Consul. This often means that they come from two different parties.在庞培Pompey补丁(1.1版本号)中,贵族共和国Aristocratic Republics将有执政官Consuls和共治执政官Co-Consuls。选举时,得票最高的人成为执政官,得票第二高的人成为共治执政官。这通常意味着他们来自两个不同的党派。
When it comes to power generation, the stats of the Consul with the highest attribute will be used, giving a nice benefit to the country.当涉及到产生点数时,两个执政官中属性较高的那一位的数值会被采用,给予国家不错的增益。
The loyalty of those of the same party as the Co-Consul gets a positive impact if he is loyal, and negative impact if he is disloyal. We simulate the friction between the two consuls by the loyalty of the co-consul. Also, if the Co-Consul gets low loyalty, the power costs increase by up to 25%.如果共治执政官是忠诚的,那么与共治执政官属于同党派角色的忠诚度会产生积极影响;如果是不忠诚的,则会产生消极的影响。我们用共治执政官的忠诚度来模拟两位执政官之间的摩擦。此外,如果共治执政官的忠诚度较低,点数花费最高可增加到25%。
The Co-Consus gain popularity by the same factor as the first consul gains popularity, and the ruler popularity that other characters look at is the average of both Consuls.共治执行官的人气增长速度与第一执政官相同,而其他角色看到的统治者人气是两位执政官人气的平均值。
Any ruling trait that a Co-Consul has will also be added to the country.共治执政官所具有的所有统治者特性也会同样作用于该国。
A major drawback for Aristocratic Republics is the fact that impact of ruler corruption could be doubled, as both Consuls corruption is added together for the country.贵族共和国的一个主要劣势就是统治者腐败的影响可能会翻倍,因为这两个执政官的腐败度对国家的影响是累加的。配偶
In some types of monarchies, the consorts have some sort of supportive abilities. In such a monarchy, the consorts works like a co-ruler for how you gain power each month, ie the highest score of an attribute of the ruler and his/her consort is the one considered, so the capabilities of who you marry to your ruler is important.在某些君主政体中,配偶具有某种辅助能力。在这样的君主政体中,配偶就像共治统治者一样,决定着你每个月获得多少点数。例如,统治者和他/她的配偶两者中某个属性的最高值会被纳入考量,所以你统治者嫁娶的配偶的能力是很重要的。
Consorts also get a loyalty-hit over time, if they are not the parent of the primary heir of the current ruler, and if they become disloyal, they will increase the power-costs by up to 25%, scaled by how disloyal they are.随着时间的推移,配偶也会受到忠诚度影响,如果他们不是现任统治者第一顺位继承人的父母,或是变得不忠诚,他们也会增加最高可达25%的点数消耗,比例取决于他们忠诚度有多低。Government Abilities政府能力
In the Pompey patch we have added some extra abilities for each of the three government forms, where you can strengthen yourself.在庞培Pompey补丁中,我们为三种政府形态都分别增加了一些玩家可以用来补强自身的额外能力。

Each party has a specific action connected to it, where the cost is halved if that party is in power, and also increase the populist popularity.

Civic Party - Pay Civic Power for cheaper building costs.

Military Party - Pay Military Power for more discipline.

Mercantile Party - Pay Oratory Power for cheaper trade routes.

Religious Party - Pay Religious Power for cheaper conversions.

Populist Party - Only if populists are in power, pay money for reduction in corruption and populist support.        

War Council - You can Summon a War Council once every ten years, where your important courtiers will propose different places where you should start wars, giving you claims on adjacent areas.

Demands Oath of Allegiance - Spend lots of oratory and religious power to increase the support for your Primary Heir over time.

Hold Games - Spends money of both the country and the ruler to increase his or her popularity.

Patronize the Arts - Spend Civic Power to gain Primary Culture Happiness and Civilization Increase over time.

War Council - Same as for monarchies       

Assemble Raiding Parties - Spend Oratory and Military Power to get a boost in Enslavement Efficiency.        

Encourage Tribal Migration - Makes you lose 5 tribesmen pops, for a tick down in centralization.

(And there is more new things for tribes, mentioned in a later development diary.)
- Magas是对的,我们必须准备对纳巴泰的战争。
- Echekrates和Manetho是对的,我们必须宣称犹地亚的土地。
- 都是一群蠢货!Power Base & Civil Wars权力基础与内战
In Pompey each character in your realm can have a potential power base. This is both an abstract gauge of how influential they are in a country as well as a meter for how many troops they could raise in a civil war. The total power base in a country will range up to around 300 and it is scaled within that country.在庞培Pompey更新中,你国的每个人物都有一个潜在的权力基础。这既是衡量他们在一个国家有多大影响力的抽象标准,也是衡量他们能在内战中集结多少军队的标准。一个国家的权力基础上限会在300左右,并在这个国家内部分配。
Power base is primarily derived from:权力基础主要来源于:
Loyal Troops

Owned Holdings


How much of the country's population that is ruled by a character who is a Governor or ruler.

Ruler Popularity (for the ruler)

Character Wealth
It can also be modified by interactions, events and other script content...权力基础还可能被人物交互、事件和其他剧情内容修正...
For purposes of Civil Wars the game will no longer count Loyal Cohorts but instead the Power Base of all disloyal characters.为了内战机制考量,游戏将不再计算不忠诚的步兵大队数量,而是直接计算所有不忠诚角色的权力基础的总和。
The threshold for civil war is 33%, with positive stability increasing it, and negative decreasing it.会触发内战的权力基础阈值为33%,正稳定将会增加此阈值,负稳定则会降低阈值。Character Interactions人物交互
We will go deeper in a later developer diary about the new abilities we will be adding, we can now mention that we are rebalancing the costs quite heavily for them, removing the power costs, and using the new abilities to impact Aggressive Expansion, Tyranny or Stability from it. Recruiting a character from another nation wlll increase your AE, while bribing will be done with the rulers own personal money.我们将在稍后的开发日志中更深入地介绍我们将添加的新功能,现在可以提的是,我们正在重新平衡过重的人物交互成本,移除点数消耗,以及使用新功能来影响由人物交互产生的侵略扩张度、残暴度或稳定度。从另一个国家招募人物将会增加你的侵略扩张度,而贿赂将会用统治者自己的钱来完成。 week we'll talk about playing tall, changes to barbarians, trade & slave distribution, while going into more detail about heritages.下周,我们将聊聊种田、对蛮族的改动、贸易与奴隶分布,同时还将更详细地介绍国家传承系统。

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